Saturday, February 12, 2011

rFactor Track Conversion - F1 2010 Codemasters Circuit Gilles Villenueve

Salut Gilles! Circuit Gilles Villenueve is done and this conversion ain't no simple conversion... It's rFactor immersion...

Well... Kinda my first try in converting a track and making it to a close feel immersion with the rFactor game. Took a lot of notes from a lot people and this is my first go in improving the following:
  • Since the LOD (Level of Detail) values are calculated in meters, it means you can relate it to the track length (ofcourse convert the kilometers to meters). As all of you know, I guess for the ones who are downloading my conversion, my mods are more of resource oriented but a little compromise was made. So instead of 500 LOD Out value, its now increased to 1000... Tested it and seems to have no more of the popping out issue, crossed fingers...
  • Track surface textures (road, grass, gravel, sand, etc.) are now based on rFactor's as I believe the Codemaster's one relied heavily on there graphics engine instead of the base texture...
  • Replaced the trees with rFactor default ones as we all know the Codies trees are a hit or miss (10% hit and 90% miss).
  • Added a lot of detail to the track as the plain conversion was "plain"... =)
So those are some key notes for the conversion, and I had a lot of good experience with this one so expect a better version on the second pass (Well I guess since there are still a lot of tracks left...)... Okay, here are some of the preview pictures and as usual the download afterwards.

Download Link:

What track would you like next? Should I follow the one next on the calendar... Hit the comments...



  1. this is amazing - thanx a lot for your great work! I'm very exciting about your next projects, especially valencia street circuit...

  2. cico76 : angelodeasa thank you , I think it's better to continue 2010 calendar , so Silverstone it's next , after that Hockeinheim , Hungaroring.
    Ciao :))

  3. @cico76
    - thanks bro for the support... is anyone going to second that emotion for silverstone...

    - slimjim and lasercutter at f1 classics forum i think are gearing up to release a valencia street circuit soon but i wouldn't mind taking a shot at it...

  4. Great work again, I think this your best conversion, I love to drive this track, LOD is good in this track, you should create all tracks like this one...
    I agree with Silverstone, but can you create also Bridge and BTCC layouts?Thanks

  5. Hello all. This is the best conversion, but WHERE ARE THE SHADOWS. In all tracks that you converted to rFactor I remarked it and it's annoyed me. You made excellent work. Only like this longer.:D I hope to you release Valencia Street Circuit or Hungaroring.:D

    Sorry for my bad english. but i'm a stduent:DXd

  6. @Pawel
    - thanks man, appreciate it... like BIC and Catalunya, i will create the different track layouts so we can maximize the use of the circuit...

    - thanks bro and with regard to the shadows, are you talking about the whole track (i.e tree shadows, wall shadows, tunnel shadows, etc.) or just a certain section? Since we are in the topic of shadows, i might be able to create an fps friendly shadow... =) i tell you bro, 3ds max is an amazing program, i suggest everyone out there they should give it a try =)

  7. cico76 : Angel I would like as Bahrain, Melbourne, Sepang, Shanghai look so Monreal. Please can you do 2 version from Bahrein ? 2010 and old version ? thank you.

  8. @cico76
    yup, that was the idea of the second pass so don't worry... we'll get there

  9. Please can you convert Monaco because that track was before istanbul it was round 6

  10. There is already a monaco conversion out... you can check it at F1 Classics forum... Actually, monaco was my first try in converting which never worked so i might try to revisit that and make my own version of the monaco conversion...

  11. hello again. I wanted to ask with a what kind of program do you converted to the tracks from Codemastersto rF and the track si amazing

  12. Skip this was left behind. Most I thought of the shade of the walls and trees.

  13. @exitheck

    basically my tools are:
    - 3dsimed 2.11 (the converter to rFactor)
    - 3dsmax 2010 (for texture alignment and missing objects addition)
    - photoshop (for converting and updating textures)
    - rFactor AIWCAM Editor (AIW and CAM creation)
    i think thats about it...

    for your second comment, sorry i did not understand... :)

  14. Hi, i just try yo convert (other) traks by myself, just for 'fun' and play.....

    All works right but when i leave the track (i close the track back to showroom) game crashes...

    Ant help?

    Thx... and, very very very well done.... ;)

  15. @Marco

    That means there is an object not working... actually converting tracks are easy but the problem they create are the difficult ones... I suggest if you filtered your convertion (i.e. track surface, collidable objects and structures) try doing deduction... Load just the track surface first and if that works, try the collidable next then structures afterwards... A tip would be, if you converted a track with a lot of tirewalls, usually that is the problem why it crashes... remove that first and see what happens...

  16. ..right mate... tyrewall... great...

    btw congrats for Canada road, really better than original one... ;-)

  17. Ok, almost all works fine, I have a problem with a sigle gmt of a track. (nonlodxxxx-gmt) When vehicle pass on it game crashed all the rest of track works fine.. objects too....

    Can I share my work with you? I will not public anything, like i said it's just for me and my champ and i really would appreciate your help to end.... probably need to do something with 3DS but i don't know how to use it....


  18. @Marco

    Sure, ill check it...

    You can try as well the material named for that object. There could be a possibility that the driveable material is not included in the tdf file... In any case, my usual solution for error gmt's is to get the geometry, explode it and save it as a new gmt (you can still name it the same way) and that most commonly solves it...

  19. ...well i try all is in my possibility, then i', uploanding the 'track only'.... probabily you can do something...

    Do you have a personal contact (email, msn) where i can post you the link?

    I think is a good idea to continue this kind of 'coversation' in a private mode ;)

    Let me know, and thanks...

  20. you can send me a link here,