Monday, January 31, 2011

rFactor Track Conversion - F1 2010 Codemasters Istanbul Park

The Istanbul Park Circuit is done. Here are some details about the conversion and the track itself:
  • Tirewalls I have seen to be a common issue in the conversion as they take really a big chunk of the tracks file size so in short, only a selection of tirewalls again are present.
  • This track had a really bad road mapping so it forced me to fix it. So this would be my first try in fixing the texture through mapping correction so try to spot the difference from the previous tracks with this one.
  • The CAM file should work properly now with regard to the listener sound. (Thanks to "khan1670" from F1 Classic forums)

One of the most important things I learned while converting this track is how to use the "Unwrap UVW" function in 3DS Max. This just gave me a new arsenal in improving the converted tracks getting ready for my second pass. Also, I might revisit the Bahrain International Circuit early this month since were closing in to the new F1 season and that track will most likely be used a lot by that time and my first conversion really sucked to say the least... =D

Anyway, get ready to download as below is the link:

On to Montreal!



  1. good work, thanks, but i think you must create better horizon to this track

  2. that was quick bro, thanks man! much appreciated

  3. i kinda noticed the horizon issues, i think there was some jagged edged grassy plane out there... it kinda didn't bothered me but after having a race, it did stick out... let me see what i can do