Friday, January 28, 2011

rFactor Track Conversion - F1 2010 Codemasters Circuit de Catalunya

Circuit de Catalunya conversion is done. 

Now, I just want to tell everybody that all of my conversions are basically to ensure they work with rFactor. Texture updates, solutions for a better looking track, etc. are not included as of the moment as for the first pass of the Codemaster's tracks is basically to convert them and make them work in rFactor. The rest will be done on the second pass.

By the way, this is my first conversion where in nothing was changed and all objects were included coming from the conversion. Of course, as usual there was some holes again on the track but was easily patched using 3DS Max. 

Just to let you know, I'm kinda excited for the second pass as I am really learning a lot on how to use the 3DS Max program... Since I use that program to resolve some issues on the conversion, I am kinda learning also how to render a certain object correctly and if I can apply that to the conversion I am working on, I might be able to resolve the texture issues. Anyway, that project will for sure take a while but I am up for it. Learning to manipulate 3D objects in 3DS Max makes me feel there is a lot of opportunities I can do if I get to master it.

Anyway, here are some preview pictures and the download link.

Download link:

On to Turkey, gobble gobble... =)


  1. Hi!
    Will you make the other maps?
    These maps are great:D

  2. Just thought I'd post this since there are barely anyone posting... thanks for your work... It IS being appreciated.. :D

  3. @IonAphis
    Thanks a lot man, much appreciated... =D

    And for the other question, yes I will be converting all tracks and improving them once they are all converted...

  4. Place post another link for barcelona not megaupload.....thanks