Monday, January 24, 2011

rFactor Track Conversion - F1 2010 Codemasters Shanghai International Circuit

The Shanghai International Circuit is done but here is some things you need to know:
  • The conversion was 166 MB big due to a certain object... Tirewalls... Due to the number of Tirewalls surrounding the track (about 1,400 plus objects to be exact which each object has a file size of 374 kb), I think the gmotor engine just told me the limit of its rendering power... Anyway, in short, there is only a selection of tirewalls chosen to complete the track. Don't worry, there might be a solution for it but I won't be doing it now so on my second pass, I'll see what I can do...
  • The Umbrella object - this object has been removed as for me it just looks inappropriate... Maybe in rFactor 2 it would be okay where there is rain...
  • As usual, audiences, marshalls, etc. are not yet implemented... On a side note, has anyone tried like a cardboard pit team... Like Martin Whitmarsh and his engineers on the pitwall... Hmmmm...
  • With regards to the CAM file, as I am still learning how to perfect it, there is still some issues with the sound. So if anyone out there can teach me how to fix that, it would be very much appreciated.
Anyway, that should be it and below are the preview pics and download links.


  1. It's not to do with the limitations of the gMotor engine, it's to do with how shit the GRID engine is.

    Having 1 object, then repeating it thousands of times

    Yes, it saves a tiny bit of hard disk space, but UTTERLY FUCKS frames per second.

    Codemasters are noobs.

    Mate do Singapore, don't waste time doing tracks like China and Abu Dhabi that already have amazing versions.

    Shanghai 1.00 by TEAM CHINA = Perfection

  2. thanks for the advice man, i loved your work with korea btw... thats what inspired me to do this so rest assured this will be done...

  3. Great job, but the mirrors of the cars don't show a correct image.

  4. its more of an FPS decision despite me not having to check yet... if you know how to use 3dsimed, there is a quick fix for turning everything on for the mirrors to see but i'm going to add this to my check list for things to try for track quality increase...