Sunday, November 7, 2010

rFactor AIW Editing - BIC Endurance Configuration

Hello peeps!
This will be the start of my modding adventure again and I will be starting with the AIW of the Bahrain International Circuit Endurance Configuration. This layout was used by F1 this year which next year will be returned to its old layout (might be a good thing anyway for them). Anyway, here are some details about the AIW I am implementing for this track:

Individual pit slots for all cars
I have been doing this for mostly all the mods I have been playing since I have been seeing crazy pit lane issues with driver teammates taking out each other. So as a resolution for that, each car has its own pit slot and garage. Well, in order for this to work for your mod, basically there are a lot of editing to be done (from the RFM file all the way up to the VEH file). I guess I'll make a blog on how to do these for beginners use.

Turn 1 Cutting
I believe everybody has done this so I guess this includes me. Well, I mostly play offline racing so basically I work on this as much as possible to get a better race.  So in short, AI's don't cut the track on turn 1. I really like this fix or maybe editing I made for turn 1 as its either the AI would go wide or they brake in to a turn which before they only brake in wide all the time. I have tested it for I guess some time now, and it shows that result always.

Turn 7, 8 and 9 ( A smoother line)
I downloaded the early versions of the BIC Endurance track and mostly they follow a straight forward line (meaning if there is a turn, the line will follow which is kinda weird). So I went ahead and fixed that, meaning the AI will drive those corners in the shortest way possible.

Full Course Yellow AI Line
- Well, this is really my frustrations when I started playing rFactor. AI's either go in to a corner to deep which will make them spin off or bump each other due to a crazy full course yellow line. So, I made sure to fix the inside (left path) line of the race path and the pits.

So overall, for me, I enjoy this AIW I made for the BIC Endurance Configuration. So if you would like to try it, below is the download link.

Tracks that are compatible with this AIW are:
  • Bahrain - 2010 Layout - rFactorBRTEAM
  • Bahrein 2010
  • FRS010-Bahrain-v3
Sorry for a very little detail on the track compatibility but basically this are the tracks I searched around. You can try google and for sure those files or tracks will come up.

I you have suggestions or comments about the AIW, you know where to go...

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