Thursday, January 21, 2010

Formula 3 Euroseries 2009 Mod Version 1.00

- This mod is basically a skin update with minor tweaks in different departments (Tires, RFM file, HDV, etc.) to emulate the 2009 season. Some parts of the mod are based from previous F3 mods (i.e. ISI rf3 model, F3 Euroseries 2007 mod, etc.) and all credits go to them for creating such a big foundation for this mod.

This mod includes the following:

- All car skins for the 2009 Formula 3 Euroseries
- All drivers for the 2009 Season including the drivers that entered mid way (RCD)
- Includes a batch file to automate which drivers where racing in each round****
- All 37 helmets for the current 2009 Season (That includes the final 4 guest drivers in Hockenhiem)
- Optimized Drivers performance throughout the 2009 season
To be included in Version 1.10

- Batch file automation of Tracks to emulate the 2009 Scoring System****


- I have included batch files basically to automate most of the changes through the season. Also this will slightly integrate the 2009 Scoring System by automatically replacing certain files (RFM and GDB) to emulate for example the number of laps for race 1 and 2, etc.

- How do they work? In the "F3 Euroseries" folder, you can see files of executable commands in which when pressed will replace necessary files either in Veh Folder, Track Folder, etc.

- More will be explained below in the Installation and Usage of Batch Files

1. Unzip downloaded file
2. Copy and paste everything to your rFactor folder
3. Run rFactor, select F3 Euroseries and enjoy!

The Batch Files basically are to do the following:

- To put the correct drivers for every round
- To change Scoring System from either Race 1 format (10/8/6/5/4/3/2/1) or Race 2 (10/6/4/3/2/1)
- To set each track with correct Laps for either Race 1 or 2 (Will be available in Version 1.0)

To use:

- For the driver changing, select which round you are going to race and double click the batch file (e.g. Driving Round 1, double click "Drivers_R1" batch file)

- For Race 1 Scoring System, select the "Sprint Race" batch file and for Race 2, select "Feature Race" batch file

All of these batch files are located in the vehicle folder under "F3Euroseries". Also be informed that in order for the Batch files to work, your rFactor has to be installed in the traditional file path "C:Program Files

- Upon installation, all 33 drivers can be played but for better emulation of the 2009 Season, run the batch files. As checked in many F3 Euroseries sites, 28 drivers have been the maximum so far for the Season.

- In relation to what was mentioned above, here are some information that will be useful when using the Batch Files:

R1 - 28 Drivers
R2 - 28 Drivers
R3 - 27 Drivers
R4 - 27 Drivers
R5 - 25 Drivers
R6 - 25 Drivers
R7 - 24 Drivers
R8 - 25 Drivers
R9 - 23 Drivers
R10 - 24 Drivers

- Please corelate the above information when playing because if ever this is not in place, then there will be duplicate drivers.

- I am currently running the F3 Euroseries 2009 with "0" in the AI Limiter, AI Strenght of "120" and AI Aggression in "100" and so far I have been getting some good racing with the familiar names always on top step. I suggest you try this settings to emulate the 2009 season.

Special thanks to the following:

- F3FFSCA, creator of the F3 Euroseries 2007 1.00 Mod which became my basis for creating the update to 2009

- ISI, for the rF3 model

- Nunux sme, for the templates which really helped me alot in making this mod (Helmets will come soon bro)

- And to Jan-CRG for the kind support

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