Monday, November 8, 2010

rFactor Misc - How to make use of the Individual Pit Slots

Individual Pit Slots are my solution for AI's crashing to each other in the pit lane. Playing rFactor for around 3 to 4 years now, I haven't seen any workaround to this issue aside from giving the AI's there own pit slots. But in doing this, you have to make sure the pit lane has ample driving space to accommodate the resolution.

Also since you are individualizing the pits, that means you have to individualize the garage as well. So to do this, you have to edit the following files:

RFM File
- In the RFM file, all the way to the bottom, you will see the line called "PitGroupOrder". This dictates how many cars is in one team and their corresponding order in the pit lane. Since we are going to individualize the pits for each car, this is what we need to do:

PitGroup = 1, Group1

- PitGroup will be equal to 1 as we want to make a car have their own garage and pit slot. So based on the change that we will make as shown above, you now have to make multiple "PitGroup" lines depending on the number of cars in your mod. So if its like this years F1 season, you have to make 24 "PitGroup" lines.

PitGroup = 1, Group1
PitGroup = 1, Group2
PitGroup = 1, Group24

- The VEH file is connected to the stipulations of the RFM file. To follow the events made by the RFM file the VEH file should be updated. Below is an example file of the VEH File which is located in your rFactor's "Vehicle" folder:


Upgrades=NSC06_Upgrades.ini            // Vehicle upgrades information
GenString=                          // Used to generate GMT names in *.gen file            // Defaults to default.cfg in UserData directory
Sounds=NSC06_Centennial.sfx                    //Sounds=default.sfx
HeadPhysics=NSC06_HeadPhysics.ini         // Affects driver eyepoint only

//////////////////////////TEAM HISTORY AND INFORMATION///////////////////////////////////////////

Team="#01 rFactor Centennial"
Driver="Corbin Evans"
Description="#01 rFactor"
Classes="StockCar NSCRS 2006"

FullTeamName="#01 rFactor Centennial"
TeamHeadquarters="Detroit, Michigan"

Category="NationalStockCar,Season 2006,Centennial"

- The one highlighted red above shows you where the "PitGroup" information corresponds to the RFM file so you need to update this accordingly.

I understand that this updates are sometimes overwhelming as you have more than 30 cars to update for this but for me it was rewarding. I was able to fix the pit lane issue and have exciting races because me and the AI cars are almost equal or sometimes there better due to this update as now I need to be perfect coming in the pits.

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