Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GD2 - Chapel Corner Remodel

Welcome to my first development post. This will be basically a place where I will put updates on the projects I am currently doing and also in continuous succession to save space in a way =)...

03/02/2011 - 5 entry logs - Development closed and released

03/02/2011 - 1

Got the AIW working but the Chapel road update is still not that smooth...

Things are a little bit getting tedious,tougher and  time consuming... I guess all good things have to take time...

03/01/2011 - 1

Here's another quick update and I'm betting this might get released today...

Got this fixed now but there is still a missing runoff  right beside the becketts corner... Should I release the chapel corner update only or in a big update alongside the becketts corner runoff? No comment means I go with option 2, okay... =)

02/28/2011 - 2

Looks a bit okay now but needs a little more of polishing... Some rumblestrips needed, some updates on the asphalt texture, some grass and runoffs to be moved accordingly and lastly some more road smoothing as I saw some errors...

02/28/2011 - 1

Here's another quick update...

The corner is a little bit shaping up but the hard part here is the Z axis... You have to make sure its smooth and easy to connect to the rest of the track... Anybody got tips out there =)


Anyway, as the title suggests and thanks to lasercutter (from F1 Classics forum) by the way, while I was converting Silverstone I forgot to remodel the chapel corner as it was now an easier exit than before... Below is the picture given by lasercutter which resembles the update on the chapel corner.

And here is my first try on editing the track...

Well, this is more of a rough sketch for now but since I have been busy with real life lately, I hope this will not take a while to update... So this will be my first log for this update so if you have any questions, feel free to hit the comments...



  1. cico76 : Angel you are amaizing , we are so lucky to share all with us , so thanks , by the way this is my favorite blog , Ciao :))

  2. what about new pits?

  3. its coming along... that will be on another post... specific to the new Arena pits