Saturday, January 1, 2011

rFactor Track Conversion - F1 2010 Codemasters BIC Endurance Configuration

I stopped everything when I got my copy of Codemaster's F1 2010... Not because its the best F1 game ever but because of the possibilities it was going to offer me...

So from my last blog which was from November 9 up to today, I have been working day and night converting tracks and basically also learning how to do it. Tough task but I saw in an rfactor league forum in where a modder proudly said that it only took him 2 days to do it so that inspired me. I can also proudly say now that I to can convert those tracks not in a 2 day span though, but I guess a week as I have learned a lot from consolidating textures, correcting mipmap levels, smoothing groups, reducing vertices, LOD assigning, object tagging, etc.

I guess that's all the rants I can give out after a month of converting as needless to say, I guess this specific entry of mine has been updated quite so often... Anyway, on to the track...

So here's the thing, I was able to convert the track (Bahrain International Circuit - Endurance Configuration) in all its purity but when it got down to racing on it, it was horse crap. FPS was either 1 or stops, so that's when all my work started. Now, after researching and understanding how the gmotor works, this track on a test day can run more than a 100 FPS and 60 to 70 FPS minimum on a race day.

So here are some of the interesting things I did on the track and also some noteables:
  • Flattened some of the significant rumble strips as AI's tend to flip over when driven on
  • Decreased the number of objects on the track as to increase FPS for better racing
  • Since I am focused mostly on offline racing, I placed also my signature Individual Pit Slot format
  • AIW and Cam files created from scratch (ofcourse)
I would like to say also that I respect all the modders out there and also the game developers as without them, we wouldn't have a game to play plus great enhancements. So, I say to all who would download this track, this is just a conversion and due to fps issues, other objects of the track comes from prominent track creations.

Okay, with that out of the way, here are some preview pics and below is the download link.

Download Link:

Enjoy! Now I am off to Melbourne...


  1. good job!! will you convert all tracks? I really want them

  2. yup, melbourne is around 95% done, so I'll be posting that soon, wait for it...

  3. Hi there seem to be a lot of flickering textures especially on the pit straight are there any plans to fix them?

    And it would be nice to create the original layout, only a wall needs to be deleted.

  4. I was expecting a lot of issues with this track as this was my very first conversion ever so I'm sure I'll get back on this issues. I am kinda fast tracking all track conversions right now so once everything is done, I'll move to polishing each and every track...

    I'll be doing that for sure, btw on the original layout...

    Thanks again for the comments and please keep them coming...

  5. I'm having textures problems at the beginning of the main straight and at the end of main straight, textures are getting black.

    can you fix that please?

  6. problem is like this picture:

  7. @bruce barrera

    this will all be fixed in V2... this was my first try in converting so the whole track was edited which I should have never done which caused the problems... please wait for V2 which will not be long and it will include a lot immers'ive stuff