Saturday, March 5, 2011

GD2 - Spa Conversion Project

Follow the development of the Spa conversion project all the way to the release here...

03/08/2011 - 5 entry logs - 1 new

03/08/2011 - 1

No pics for this update but basically here is where I am at:
  • Tirewall issues again so fixed that (i.e. if you use all the tirewalls, it causes a black and white flicker...)
  • Still installing trees (Kinda becoming lazy because this kind of repetitions should be quick for me but I don't know...)
  • Figuring out what road textures to use as there are some light and dark variations seen on the real track (any suggestions?)
So far that's it... Ran a few laps as well just to check for any object errors but none so far aside from the tirewall issue...

03/07/2011 - 1

I think we got a winner for the Les Combes resource pic...

Both resources are the winner.. =) What I wanted to know up close was if the details after the rumble is grass or some rubber road/green runoff 'ish...

03/06/2011 - 1

Let me place this pic here so I won't forget to update the Les Combes run off...

Anybody has a better pic for the new runoff, hit the comments and it would be very much appreciated... =)

03/05/2011 - 1

Just a little update...

I wasn't able to do anything yesterday so today it was just about aligning objects... Specifically the pits... This is always a problem for every conversion as they are always scattered somewhere... Later I will be adding the rFactor trees instead of the Codemaster ones...

03/03/2011 - 1

Time to start a new project and this time I'll share with ya'll how the conversion comes along... So for the first things I do are the following:
  1. organize new folders for the conversion
  2. export all objects from objects.pssg file in a main folder alongside with the texture
  3. create a scn file for track surface using the tracksplit.pssg file
  4. I don't suggest this to anyone but this is my OC complex at work, merge all same materials to optimize material naming (merge duplicate materials in short)
  5. After creating the track surface scn and pruning out the duplicate materials, you can now separate the collidable objects from the structures (or buildings)...
  6. Same goes to the materials of the collidable objects and structures, merge duplicate and sort out the unique
  7. Usually the pit garage are not placed correctly in the pit building so you need to fix that...
  8. Once all of the above is done, time to add the tags, organize the material naming for the tdf file and add xobjects (i.e. lights, sectors and skybox/skyboxi)

    Now that should make the track converted for use in rFactor. And that's a working track already unless there are problem objects which makes life harder... So far that's the first part, I'll give you more on the next entry...



    1. rock'n rooool , you are great :)))

    2. great that you're working on this, long awaited track, when we should expect release?

    3. the silverstone circuit conversion was my longest and I don't intend to make it long like that unless needed so... I am targeting a week or less... cross fingers

    4. Fantastic news!!
      Thanks a lot in advance!!

    5. Are you going to make the new runoff in Les Combes?

    6. do you have a pic of that runoff?

    7. hi
      If it can help you here is a website with some pictures from Les combes at spa .unfortunatly it 's not close enough to see the details but i hope i will help you

    8. @NFR_Steph
      Thanks bro, this is a good resource

    9. check this picture angelo,mayby this one will help: